Is financing readily available for this type of project?

Yes. And it’s probably easier than you think. Tens of thousands of Floridians have discovered they can give their families a beautiful new pool by merely taking the equity in their home and converting it to cash. It’s easy, inexpensive, and very tax wise!

  1. It’s Easy. Financing is approved over the phone and documents are brought to you in your home.
  2. It’s Inexpensive. Because of our sheer volume (we’ve built many pools!), we attract the very best and most trusted lenders in the industry.
  3. It’s Tax Wise. Did you know that every dollar of interest you pay can be taken as a direct deduction from your taxable income?

You can also use your swimming pool financing to generate additional funds for other home improvement projects or to pay off other high interest, non-deductible credit cards. This often results in savings that literally pay for the home improvement