What types of Fiberglass Swimming Pool warranties are there?

Fiberglass Pool Warranties

Here is what should come with your pool. Warranties, today should be super relevant, so you should make sure you’re covered completely.

There are three types of pool warranties: manufacture’s, equipment, and installation.

As you research fiberglass pools, you’ll find that we often refer to one exclusively, or to multiple types of warranties: Manufacture warranty, comes from the fiberglass pool’s manufacturer. Equipment warranty, from the pool equipment’s manufacturer(s). Installation warranty, from the pool contractor that builds and installs the pool and its accessories.

We strongly suggest that you review each one of these warranties before you enter into a contract for any Swimming Pool Project. Furthermore, ask the manufacturer/installer for clarification on anything you don’t understand or agree with. Fiberglass pool warranties normally come with some disclaimers, no different than with any other products. However, it should be clear to see what is covered and more importantly what is not! Make sure you select a company with a warranty that you are comfortable with and which secures your investment.

What Does the Pool’s Manufacturing Warranty Cover?

Fiberglass pool manufacturers should cover two main things in their warranty: The structure of the pool shell and the gelcoat which is the finished surface of the pool. Some manufacturers provide a separate warranty for each, sometimes they include both in one. Either way, please make sure your manufacturer covers both aspects.

At San Juan Pools. Warranty claims are rare with us anyway, but beyond that, we don’t feel that the burden should be placed on the customer if/when they need a repair.

Pay attention: the warranty must specifically cover osmotic blisters on the surface of the fiberglass pool. Osmotic blisters are a cosmetic issue, not structural. A warranty that covers osmosis in the pool structure just means that the pool will continue to hold water. That’s great, but it leaves you with little recourse if you see any bubbles or blisters in the gelcoat.

What should I know before installing an inground pool?

Before Installing an Inground Pool

Like many, you’re probably dreaming about having your own swimming pool in your backyard. After all, it is an amazing thing to be able to go swimming whenever you want. No more public pools. People often call us up asking when we can bring one of our fiberglass pools and put it in the ground. The thing is, it’s not that simple. While we wish that we could simply come to your house, put a pool in the ground, and leave you a happy new pool owner, there are a lot of steps that you have to take before this dream can become a reality.

At Big Splash Pools, we specialize in, installing Gunite And fiberglass swimming pools across the Tampa Bay area, but in this article, we’ll cover the first steps that every homeowner needs to take before getting any type of inground swimming pool.

Your Complete Pool Planning Checklist:

Find or acquire a property site survey. You should have one within the Closing documents you signed when you purchased your home. This is a very necessary document to determine where and how big a pool can be placed in your yard. Infact no building dept will allow you to apply for a building permit with this very important item.

Where to get this information: Contact your local records or planning office to get a copy of your home’s plans, or ask your real estate agent. You can also visit the Underground Safety Alliance 811 website and submit a request to have a copy. Otherwise, you will need to hire a surveyor to develop one for you. We can help by referring someone in your area that will do the job quickly and painlessly.

We know that this is a lot to take in, but if you go one step at a time, you’ll be cleared and ready to put your pool in the ground before you know it! Trust us when we say that you don’t want to skip any of these steps. Call us and let us Help you get things in order. It will only cost you more time and possibly money if you don’t.

At Big Splash Pools, the construction and installation is our bread and butter. Let us navigate the process for you by providing a quality service installation of your swimming pool and water features with a wide selection to choose from.


How long is the life Expectancy of a quality Fiberglass Pool?

How long is the life Expectancy of a quality Fiberglass Pool?

Fiberglass pools come in different class ratings as do cars. Some are more durable, low maintenance, and they have the fastest installation of all inground pools, but you might still be asking, “how long will a fiber glass pool last? Or how long should a fiberglass pool last?”

At Big Splash Pools, we install, and service fiberglass swimming pools across the state of Florida, so we get these questions all the time. To give you an idea of the expected fiberglass pool lifespan should be 40-60 years from a quality manufacturer.


The manufacturer of your pool should use high-quality materials and inspect each pool shell thoroughly before shipping it out. The pool also needs to be installed with precision and care to prevent spider cracks and other problems in the future.

Visit our Gallery to see how we install our pools, The Big Splash Way, keeping the pool intact to ensure that it don’t develop future problems.


What pool light should I choose?

LED vs. Fiber Optic Pool Lights: Which is Better?

Pool Lighting

The vast majority of lights installed in fiberglass pools today are low-voltage lights like the color LEDs.
As one of the first in the industry to embrace this product, we have found it to illuminate the pool well and stand the test of time.
Colored LED bulbs allow you to change colors with the simple flip of the light switch.
These lights come encased with a cord long enough to extend above the water level so the bulb can be changed easily without lowering the water level in the pool.
These lights can range in cost between $500 and $1200 installed.

Does Big Splash install Screen Enclosures and Pool Cages?

Pool Cages and Screen Enclosures



Screen Enclosures come in all shapes and sizes. We will design one for you that is appropriate for your needs and blends with your pool design. However you have the last say on what is going to enclose and protect your pool from pests and the environment.

Pool color?

Pool Color
Fiberglass Pool Color

We always recommend colored pool finishes because they not only make the pool more attractive, but they’re also more durable and stain-resistant than the standard white gelcoat.

Most manufacturers offer at least five pool color choices. This typically includes a variety of blues, a tan, a black, and sometimes a gray.

The most important factor when selecting a color is the way it is applied.

Most manufacturers use colors that are applied in a single application. This makes repair, if necessary, easier to accomplish.

Avoid manufacturers who apply colored finishes in multiple layers.

You can find this information from each manufacturer.

Most dealers will have the information about the cost of colored finishes in their package price presentations.

Please be aware that Certain colors may be limited based on what pools are available.


Residential Pol Construction

Residential Pool Construction

Swimming pools add value and provide style to a home. Big Splash Pools are your best choice for a luxurious outdoor environment. We design and install high-quality, unique pools that will become the most popular part of your home. We have over 30 years combined, hands on experience in every phase of concrete, gunite, fiberglass, and vinyl liner pool construction. We have been doing business in the Tampa Bay area since 2001 building commercial and residential swimming pools.
Our website contains many examples of the pools we have built, along with informational content to help answer any questions you may have about building a new pool or spa, maintaining the pool you already have or adding accessories to improve and enhance your pool. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for answers and information. Be sure to view our Photo Gallery for examples of pools and enhancements for your pool including decking, coping, and other decorative options.
We take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our pools which provides a strong referral base from past customers; thus, the majority of our work is produced from customer referrals, including county employees and engineers. If you’re considering building a new home, we work with many of the central Florida home builders. So new or existing home, contact Big Splash Pools and let us build the pool of your dreams.
Check out our start to finish professional swimming pool design and construction services at our YouTube Channel.

Does Big Splash Create Rock features and Waterfalls?

Rocks and Waterfalls Features for Swimming Pools

Creating natural finishes is a very popular design concept. Big splash Pools can make your backyard look like that vacation spot in the Smokey Mountains or a tropical island resort by using real rock and stone to create natural finishes and waterfalls. We also use modular prefabricated stones and waterfalls. Sculpted Stone is another unique way to build natural rock and waterfalls on site. The rock is actually formed and sculpted on the job. This is a useful way to build large rock formations and incorporate slides and caves into the design.

seatin Tables and Inpool Bars

Seating, Tables and In-pool Bars.

Entry points can be a set of stairs, a bench, a swim out, a beach entry or sun shelf. These design concepts can add seating areas to the pool where your friends and family can gather or just sit and relax. They can be combined with many other features such as the deck areas or outdoor kitchens and cabanas to create entertainment areas for everyone to enjoy the pool and outdoor facilities. We can install therapy jets on the pool wall right over a bench to give the area some relaxing therapy action.
Swim-up bars are also a fun addition to any pool design. They can be fully wet or have a dry side for serving.