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Frequently Asked Questions.

Fiberglass Pool Warranties

Here is what should come with your pool. Warranties, today should be super relevant, so you should make sure you’re covered completely.

Fiberglass Pool Warranties There are three types of pool warranties: manufacture’s, equipment, and installation.

As you research fiberglass pools, you’ll find that we often refer to one exclusively, or to multiple types of warranties: Manufacture warranty, comes from the fiberglass pool’s manufacturer. Equipment warranty, from the pool equipment’s manufacturer(s). Installation warranty, from the pool contractor that builds and installs the pool and its accessories.

We strongly suggest that you review each one of these warranties before you enter into a contract for any Swimming Pool Project. Furthermore, ask the manufacturer/installer for clarification on anything you don’t understand or agree with. Fiberglass pool warranties normally come with some disclaimers, no different than with any other products. However, it should be clear to see what is covered and more importantly what is not! Make sure you select a company with a warranty that you are comfortable with and which secures your investment.

What Does the Pool’s Manufacturing Warranty Cover?

Fiberglass pool manufacturers should cover two main things in their warranty: The structure of the pool shell and the gelcoat which is the finished surface of the pool. Some manufacturers provide a separate warranty for each, sometimes they include both in one. Either way, please make sure your manufacturer covers both aspects.

At San Juan Pools. Warranty claims are rare with us anyway, but beyond that, we don’t feel that the burden should be placed on the customer if/when they need a repair.

Pay attention: the warranty must specifically cover osmotic blisters on the surface of the fiberglass pool. Osmotic blisters are a cosmetic issue, not structural. A warranty that covers osmosis in the pool structure just means that the pool will continue to hold water. That’s great, but it leaves you with little recourse if you see any bubbles or blisters in the gelcoat.

Before Installing an Inground Pool

Like many, you’re probably dreaming about having your own swimming pool in your backyard. After all, it is an amazing thing to be able to go swimming whenever you want. No more public pools. People often call us up asking when we can bring one of our fiberglass pools and put it in the ground. The thing is, it’s not that simple. While we wish that we could simply come to your house, put a pool in the ground, and leave you a happy new pool owner, there are a lot of steps that you have to take before this dream can become a reality.

At Big Splash Pools, we specialize in, installing Gunite And fiberglass swimming pools across the Tampa Bay area, but in this article, we’ll cover the first steps that every homeowner needs to take before getting any type of inground swimming pool.

Your Complete Pool Planning Checklist:

Find or acquire a property site survey. You should have one within the Closing documents you signed when you purchased your home. This is a very necessary document to determine where and how big a pool can be placed in your yard. Infact no building dept will allow you to apply for a building permit with this very important item.

Where to get this information: Contact your local records or planning office to get a copy of your home’s plans, or ask your real estate agent. You can also visit the Underground Safety Alliance 811 website and submit a request to have a copy. Otherwise, you will need to hire a surveyor to develop one for you. We can help by referring someone in your area that will do the job quickly and painlessly.

We know that this is a lot to take in, but if you go one step at a time, you’ll be cleared and ready to put your pool in the ground before you know it! Trust us when we say that you don’t want to skip any of these steps. Call us and let us Help you get things in order. It will only cost you more time and possibly money if you don’t.

At Big Splash Pools, the construction and installation is our bread and butter. Let us navigate the process for you by providing a quality service installation of your swimming pool and water features with a wide selection to choose from.

How long is the life Expectancy of a quality Fiberglass Pool?

Fiberglass pools come in different class ratings as do cars. Some are more durable, low maintenance, and they have the fastest installation of all inground pools, but you might still be asking, “how long will a fiber glass pool last? Or how long should a fiberglass pool last?”

At Big Splash Pools, we install, and service fiberglass swimming pools across the state of Florida, so we get these questions all the time. To give you an idea of the expected fiberglass pool lifespan should be 40-60 years from a quality manufacturer.


The manufacturer of your pool should use high-quality materials and inspect each pool shell thoroughly before shipping it out. The pool also needs to be installed with precision and care to prevent spider cracks and other problems in the future.

Visit our Gallery to see how we install our pools, The Big Splash Way, keeping the pool intact to ensure that it don’t develop future problems.

LED vs. Fiber Optic Pool Lights: Which is Better?

Pool Lighting

The vast majority of lights installed in fiberglass pools today are low-voltage lights like the color LEDs.
As one of the first in the industry to embrace this product, we have found it to illuminate the pool well and stand the test of time.
Colored LED bulbs allow you to change colors with the simple flip of the light switch.
These lights come encased with a cord long enough to extend above the water level so the bulb can be changed easily without lowering the water level in the pool.
These lights can range in cost between $500 and $1200 installed.

Pool Cages and Screen Enclosures

Screen Enclosures come in all shapes and sizes. We will design one for you that is appropriate for your needs and blends with your pool design. However you have the last say on what is going to enclose and protect your pool from pests and the environment.

Pool Color
Fiberglass Pool Color

We always recommend colored pool finishes because they not only make the pool more attractive, but they’re also more durable and stain-resistant than the standard white gelcoat.

Most manufacturers offer at least five pool color choices. This typically includes a variety of blues, a tan, a black, and sometimes a gray.

The most important factor when selecting a color is the way it is applied.

Most manufacturers use colors that are applied in a single application. This makes repair, if necessary, easier to accomplish.

Avoid manufacturers who apply colored finishes in multiple layers.

You can find this information from each manufacturer.

Most dealers will have the information about the cost of colored finishes in their package price presentations.

Please be aware that Certain colors may be limited based on what pools are available.

Residential Pool Construction

Swimming pools add value and provide style to a home. Big Splash Pools are your best choice for a luxurious outdoor environment. We design and install high-quality, unique pools that will become the most popular part of your home. We have over 30 years combined, hands on experience in every phase of concrete, gunite, fiberglass, and vinyl liner pool construction. We have been doing business in the Tampa Bay area since 2001 building commercial and residential swimming pools.
Our website contains many examples of the pools we have built, along with informational content to help answer any questions you may have about building a new pool or spa, maintaining the pool you already have or adding accessories to improve and enhance your pool. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for answers and information. Be sure to view our Photo Gallery for examples of pools and enhancements for your pool including decking, coping, and other decorative options.
We take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our pools which provides a strong referral base from past customers; thus, the majority of our work is produced from customer referrals, including county employees and engineers. If you’re considering building a new home, we work with many of the central Florida home builders. So new or existing home, contact Big Splash Pools and let us build the pool of your dreams.
Check out our start to finish professional swimming pool design and construction services at our YouTube Channel.

Rocks and Waterfalls Features for Swimming Pools

Creating natural finishes is a very popular design concept. Big splash Pools can make your backyard look like that vacation spot in the Smokey Mountains or a tropical island resort by using real rock and stone to create natural finishes and waterfalls. We also use modular prefabricated stones and waterfalls. Sculpted Stone is another unique way to build natural rock and waterfalls on site. The rock is actually formed and sculpted on the job. This is a useful way to build large rock formations and incorporate slides and caves into the design.

Seating, Tables and In-pool Bars.

Entry points can be a set of stairs, a bench, a swim out, a beach entry or sun shelf. These design concepts can add seating areas to the pool where your friends and family can gather or just sit and relax. They can be combined with many other features such as the deck areas or outdoor kitchens and cabanas to create entertainment areas for everyone to enjoy the pool and outdoor facilities. We can install therapy jets on the pool wall right over a bench to give the area some relaxing therapy action.
Swim-up bars are also a fun addition to any pool design. They can be fully wet or have a dry side for serving.

There are many Pool Finishes on the market to pick from, and trying to make a decision can make you dizzy, not to say the least.
Here are some quick tips as to the categories and durability of the different finishes on the market today from hardest to least durable.

  • Pebble-Tec, Pebble finish Products are extremely durable and many come with a lifetime warrantee if installed with an authorized Applicator.
  • 100% Quartz Product, Quartz is one of the hardest substances known to man and when used as the only aggregate in a pool finish its durability and price point make it hard to compete. For the investment SGM Diamond Brite is a the “Best Bang for the Buck” it comes in a vast assortment of colors and will outlast any of the Marcite Blends that are currently on the market being touted as Diamond Brite “LOOK ALIKES”. There is only one and it is used worldwide in theme parks, hotels and resorts- SGM Diamond Brite.
  • Marcite Finishes are the least durable products on the market today. Most  are all blends made up mostly of Marble Dust that is extremely soft and will have a useful lifespan of 3 to 5 years. However, they are inexpensive in nature because of the ingredients used in the products. Their look is close to the Quartz in appearance so it makes them a popular choice amongst home owners that do not intend on living in their homes long term. Beware of the Applicator trying to convince you that these products are as durable and high quality as the 100% Quartz Product of Diamond Brite, there is no comparison

Spa Additions

Some say that the warm bubbles take their stress away. Others call their spa their “personal masseuse”. Many use it as a gathering area to spend time with friends and family.
Spas adds value and beauty to any pool design. They become a focal point and a water feature. They are a great value because they come with a heater that can be used to heat the pool if desired. They increase the amount of time that you can enjoy your investment and add beauty and serenity to the backyard to almost year round.
Swimming spas are becoming more popular every day (Spools) and are perfect for small backyards, condos or townhouses. They have swim jet units installed that create a current that you can swim against. They offer great exercise and will help to relieve the stress in your life.

Waterline (or perimeter) tile on a fiberglass pool is actually the same as in a concrete pool, ceramic or glass tiles are adhered to the surface of the pool with a specially formulated silicone product. These tiles are grouted with a silicone product as well, allowing the tile to flex and move with the pool shell.

However, the number of tiled fiberglass pools has decreased with the advent of colored pool finishes. The main benefit of tile continues to be scum-line control in addition to its aesthetic appearance. However, the scum line control is not a necessity in a fiberglass pool as in concrete pools. It can still be just to accent the waterline very nicely and make the perfect transition between pool and deck. Unlike a concrete pool, a fiberglass pool doesn’t need waterline tile to keep the waterline free of staining. It’s merely for aesthetics

What to know about pool Loans?
How to Qualify plus COST AND PRICING

If you are considering an inground swimming pool and have a realistic expectation of how much it will cost, the next step is to explore the various pool financing options available to you

Here at Big Splash Pools, we have had the opportunity to help hundreds of clients make their backyard dreams a reality. We did this by not only installing their pools but also by helping answer their questions about pool loans and financing and directing them to financial institutions that can best serve their needs. If you find yourself in need of more pool financing info, you’re in luck because today we’re going to answer the most common questions, we receive about pool loans. Let’s Splash right in!

What Do I Need to Know about Pool Loans?
Pool loans are typically available in amounts up to $100,000 at interest rates ranging from 3% to 13% per year. For example, most pool buyers will have monthly payments of $450 to $500 on a $30,000 loan with a seven-year (84 month) maturity.

We’ve partnered with HFS Financial (hfsfinancial.net/promo/BigSplashpoolsFl) to offer some of the best loan terms available to pool buyers in the United States. HFS’ rates start at 2.99% and you can obtain loan terms of up to 20 years for loans worth up to $500,000. HFS’ loans can be paid off early with no prepayment penalty. You can check your rates with HFS at any time without impacting your credit report or score. A dedicated HFS loan consultant will work with you to answer all your questions and provide the smoothest loan process possible. If (or when) you’re approved for a loan through HFS, your loan proceeds will be provided in a direct lump sum payment you can use to pay your contractor directly. Direct consumer funding is our (River Pools’) preferred financing payment method, and we’ve found most other home improvement contractors prefer this approach as well.

Direct-to-consumer funding makes it easier for you to pay contractors in a timely manner — and if you’ve budgeted for anything beyond pool installation (such as accessories, landscaping, or other things your pool builder doesn’t typically handle), you’ll have the capital you need to create the backyard oasis of your dreams from day one.

Yes many, technologies are changing at an unprecedented rate, and swimming pools are no exception. Innovative water treatment options, fiber-optic lighting, spa products, remote controls, automatic cleaning systems. Many other options are now available and through automation making your pool easier to maintain and more enjoyable than ever. Tell us what you would like, and we can show you how to do it.

What are the five best reasons to choose a fiberglass pool.

Installing a swimming pool will add a new dimension of entertainment to your home and be the center gathering place for your family and friends to enjoy heir time there! It will have a positive lasting effect on your life.

1. Installation Time

Your fiberglass swimming pool comes directly from the Fiberglass Pool manufacturing facility, pre-made and ready to be installed. In fact, you can swim in as little as four days after the approval of the local building Dept. Compare this to a concrete pool that can take months to complete, and during that time your backyard is not usable for entertainment or relaxing.

Pros of Fiberglass Pools

The main advantage of fiberglass swimming pools is the product is ready-made, delivered, and installed quickly in most cases. This can include several features besides just “the pool” portion such as steps, ledges, benches, and additional accessories. Basically, your entire pool is a single monolithic structure. Delivered as a finished shell that is dropped strategically into the ground, leveled, plumbed, backfilled and filled with water in just a few weeks.

Additionally, the chemical benefits associated with fiberglass which are also applicable to vinyl liner pools in most instances. These types of pools require less chemicals and maintenance when compared to Concrete pools.

Fiberglass pools are much more resistant to fading and durable than liners, but you must keep in mind that when you do go to re-coat it, the cost is typically much higher when compared to a liner.

One of the nicest things about fiberglass pools is the textured smoothness of its surface. There is no surface available in other pool types that will match the comfortable feel of a fiberglass pools. It’s safe for even the wiggliest of swimmers! The surface is not porous with a plaster finish on a Gunite pool, which means fiberglass pools use less sanitizer than a Gunite pool (roughly around 25% less on average.) The non-porous surface leads to less chemical usage during the season and therefore less money spent on chemicals.

Also, fiberglass pools can be a DIY project if you are handy and can get the coaching assistance of a professional fiberglass contractor. This could be a great savings if you are willing to put in some sweat equity, since one of the most expensive parts of a pool installation is the labor. This helps further elevate the fact that fiberglass pools are the most cost-effective option for inground pools.

Fiberglass vs Concrete Swimming Pools, what is Best?

Every Type of Pool Serves its purpose when taking into consideration Climate, Geographical Region, Its inherent Seasonal changes and its unique temperature extremes, Economic and practical feasibility when taking into account its terrain and type of soils. Not all Pools do well in all types of conditions. There’s not one pool that has the answer for every situation. Let us compare and contrast the similarities and differences of each type of in-ground pool. You be the judge on what is best for you. Nobody but you should be the ultimate decision maker for your specific situation.

Pros of Concrete Pools

Gunite & Shotcrete pools are both concrete pools. The term refers to the method used to apply concrete since the concrete is shot from a gun under compressed air pressure onto steel-reinforced rebar matrix walls.  Once the concrete sets, the surface is then either plastered to a smooth Hydro finish or tiled. Concrete pools are going to be the highest class of swimming pools on the market and are often referred to as a traditional pool.

Their major advantage is to being completely customizable. You can design these pools in whatever shape and size you like, the designs are endless for what can be done. Vanishing edges, grotto’s, multi-tiered levels, etc. concrete pools are completely open to design within safety limits. These pools are made out of a rebar structure that can be shaped into unlimited designs and contours to express whatever artistic design spark you can dream up. Concrete gets sprayed, over that unique design and then troweled to an ultra-fine hydro-plaster finished. Many colors and finishes are also available. But of course, all of these wonderful unique features come at a price.

Cons of Concrete Pools

Concrete pools have the tendency to cost the most due to the higher initial installation costs, the amount of chemical expense needed annually to maintain them and of course, refinishing the pool about every 15 years, makes them the most expensive to keep up.

Acid washing every 5 years or so if you don’t keep your Chemicals balance is a common occurrence, and resurfacing every 12-15 years is part of the common services needed. Most updating on a concrete pool needs to be performed (other than the routine cleaning) by an experienced professional. While many pool contractors will offer a “lifetime structure warranty”, it’s good to know that this will not cover anything to do with the pools finish, only the structure.

With the surface of a Gunite pool being concrete, not only will the walls and base of your pool be rougher on your swimmers and their bathing suits, but the pool itself can be more susceptible to fluctuations in water balance over time.

A big difference in this type of pool when compared to the others below, is that you’ll also have to be concerned with your water’s calcium levels. You will have to check more often that the levels stay within range when measuring your pool’s PH.

Pros of Fiberglass Pools

The main advantage of fiberglass swimming pools is the product is ready-made, delivered, and installed quickly in most cases. This can include several features besides just “the pool” portion such as steps, ledges, benches, and additional accessories. Basically, your entire pool is a single monolithic structure. Delivered as a finished shell that is dropped strategically in the ground, leveled, plumbed, backfilled and filled with water.

Additionally, the chemical benefits associated with vinyl lined pools are also applicable to fiberglass pools in most instances as these pools require less chemicals and maintenance when compared to Concrete pools.

Fiberglass pools are much more resistant to fading than liners, but you must keep in mind that when you do go to re-coat it, the cost is typically much higher when compared to a liner.

Cons of Fiberglass Pools

The major drawback of Fiberglass pools is the limited shapes and sizes most manufactures have in their selection of models. These pools get transported by truck all over the country, which only allows for them to be up to about 16′ wide and 40′ long. Most are not very deep compared to vinyl or concrete. There are many options that are available for fiberglass pools, like new finishes, tiles, etc. However, their overall maximum size remains reasonably restricted due to transportability challenges at the same.

Fiberglass pools can also be just as expensive as a comparable concrete pool in many cases. But also, modern-day Vinyl-ester fiberglass pools are as durable as their concrete counterpart as long as it’s from a reputable manufacturer using these highly durable resins and fiberglass cloths, which makes it an acceptable trade off.

Which one is for me- Concrete or Fiberglass?

The fact is that all of these pool types can last a long time if properly maintained. Typically speaking, vinyl is the cheapest to own, then fiberglass, then concrete. There are of course outliers for each of these. That being said, often the budget and geographical location are the final determining factors.

Concrete swimming pool advantages:
  1. Completely customizable and great aesthetics.
  2. The best return on your investment if you’re selling the house.

Regardless of the pool type that you choose, know that PH balance, water maintenance, & keeping your pool clean will only help to extend the life of your pool.

Fiberglass pools aren’t for everyone. Big Splash Pools sells them and installs them, but our priority is customer satisfaction. We want you to be informed so you can make the best decision for you and your family.

Fiberglass Pools

Although we don’t recommend DIY-ing a fiberglass pool, some people do choose to install the pool themselves, which can be a cost savings between $12,000–$30,000, depending on the pool size and any upgrades.

Most fiberglass pool projects cost $35,000–$85,000 for both manufacturing and installation, but they can be more depending on how fancy you get with landscaping, accessories, and water features.

Long-term, your only serious maintenance expenses will be in chemicals and electricity.

Concrete pool construction

Depending on the size and accessories can usually costs between $45,000 and $100,000 upfront.

Concrete pools need more of TLC to stay in good condition, so you’ll also need to budget for long-term maintenance such as acid washing, refinishing, and energy usage. Over the life of a concrete pool, maintenance costs more over 20 years because of the upkeep.

Where do I Start with Construction on a Swimming Pool Project?
Inground Swimming Pool Construction & Design

Big Splash Pools can take your project from design thru start-up or work with your architect or engineer. We can manage all aspects of the construction process, to include fencing, heating, decking, outdoor lighting and landscaping. Our project managers that are on-site have over 40 years of combined experience. Please give us a call to set up a consultation and site survey. When it comes to swimming pools and backyard dreams, many have trusted the Family of Big Splash Pools & Spa —making us the swimming pool builder / pool contractor of choice.

    Our Design & Construction office specialize in building and remodeling concrete pools (also called shotcrete pools). In some markets, fiberglass pools and vinyl liner pools are also available.
    Our swimming pool designers offer in-home estimates with pricing and custom pool plans for new construction and renovations. They can also provide you with information on options for pool financing.
    All pool shapes and sizes are available, and you can choose from low-cost pools, as well as high-end custom pools. Some of the most popular choices include:
  1. Outdoor pools
  2. enclosed pools
  3. Indoor pools
  4. Lap pools
  5. Sports pools
  6. Saltwater pools
  7. Infinity pools
  8. Negative-edge pools
  9. Vanishing-edge pools
  10. Rock pools
  11. Black-bottom pools
  12. Lagoon pools / natural pools
  13. Rock waterfalls, pool fountains & water features, beach entries, pool mosaics, pool lighting, tanning shelves, pebble finishes, and colored quartz interior finishes.

Every dream is different. So is every property. Don’t worry, we account for both. By using innovative industry leading design and construction techniques, we can create the backyard resort you’ve been dreaming of in just a few short months, including masonry, landscaping, new pool and spa or remodels.
Call 877-421-7500.
Go ahead…Dream, Build, Enjoy!

Big Splash offers Commercial Pool Construction Services.

Big Splash Pools has the experience to give your Commercial Pool property and project a facelift using the most advanced products and finishes available. From new interior finishes, tile and decking to adding a spa, water features or handicap Accessible devices. We can also design and build an Entire Swimming Pool Facility, that will attract your current and future homeowners by adding an amenity that makes your the outdoor living  environment more enjoyable and inviting to your patrons.

Since 2001, the name Big Splash Pools has been synonymous with excellence in commercial aquatic construction. Big Splash Pools is qualified to provide design and construction expertise on all your project’s water amenities. From the structural design of equipment rooms, to the creation of detailed CAD generated drawings for your pumping and filtration systems. Big Splash Pools design staff is ready and able to assist you and your design team to bring to life your vision. Our experienced project management staff can assist your team members in everything from the ongoing stages of project development to the refinement of budgets. We can aid you in virtually every step along the way to ensure the successful development of your project. Finally, when it’s time to break ground, Big Splash Pools seasoned field personnel will construct to your exact specifications.

Our Project Managers, Superintendents, and field personnel have decades of combined experience in the commercial aquatics industry. This alone helps to ensure that all job-site scheduling and management occurs seamlessly. We are very proud of the team that we have assembled over the past 14 years, and we are more than confident in their abilities to bring your project to fruition. Staffing our projects with highly qualified individuals has enabled us to consistently deliver the highest quality end product to our client’s time and time again.

We guarantee our budgets, we guarantee our schedules and we guarantee quality construction. We have been constructing planned community development projects for many years. From simple to sophisticated, Big Splash Pools has had years of experience developing the style and architecture to match a development’s character. Using many of the trends and developments that are being constructed in the water park and destination hotel/resort arenas, We are able to bring these exciting new water attractions to the amenity areas of many new home developments. Our design department is able to coordinate and specify the proper features that are appropriate for the space and needs of such communities.

Using our long history of building elaborate and complex pool structures, Big Splash Pools can bring the larger type features that you may see in a water parks to a smaller scale for planned community development amenity areas.

Whether you’re building a community swimming pool for a new HOA, a full-scale aquatic center featuring an Olympic pools, or a luxurious pool scape for an upcoming Florida Beach Resort, or any commercial pool construction project, you need Big Splash Pools & Spa. We go the extra mile for all of our clients to ensure that the swimming pools and aquatic facilities we build are: balanced, beautiful, stay within budget and comply with all code requirements.

Big Splash Pools & Spa is a Commercial & Residential Pool Contractor, using the most advanced products and finishes available. To make your project breath taking.